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How to stop Smoking?

Stop buying cigarettes. Cold turkey is typically the most effective way to be free from the tobacco addiction.

Start working out. Running, aerobics, or high-intensity weight lifting all boost a smoker's will to quit smoking.

Spend more time in no-smoking activities, with non-smokers. This will reduce the amount of "reinforcement" from those who don't choose life over addiction.

Make it a rule that nobody can smoke in your home and/or your car. Besides, smoking in these places damages them and lowers their value.

Pick a month and declare it "no smoking month." Resume smoking when the month is up. Three months later, stop smoking again--this time, for good.

Volunteer as an orderly at the local hospital, for 3 months. Ask to be assigned an area dedicated to smoking-related illnesses. This will definitely boost your motivation.

Visit your library and check out one "quit smoking" book, tape, or video every other week. The continual reinforcement and good ideas will help you win.



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